Edit Large Files

How To Edit A Large File

I recently needed to edit (actually search) a 1.4 GIG file.  I use Sublime Text for almost everything, but knew that it really wasn’t designed for huge files.

My first try was Notepad++ because I love it and remembered using it on a large file before. Nope – it wouldn’t even start.

I thought that I had gVim installed, but didn’t.  That took me on a Google search and I found some amazing editors that handle massive files.

One of the editors I found was EmEditor and it rocked this huge file!  It opened my 1.4 GIG file in seconds  and searched the entire file for a phrase in under 20 seconds.  I was blown away.  I already own several text editors (Sublime Text is my fave – paid for it) and since I only needed this one-time I won’t be purchasing it.

Another editor I found that handles even larger files is the 010 Editor – it can handle files in size up to 50 GIG – wow!  I didn’t install it, but wanted to add it to this list because I think it handles the biggest file out of all editors (I could be wrong, but seriously – 50 GIG?).

If you use or know Linux, then a simple Grep will do the job easily.  If you don’t know what Grep is, here’s a great article that shows how powerful it is: https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/linux-grep-command/

So when you’re looking to edit a large file (or perhaps huge file), these are great editors to use.


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