Hosting Glossary

cPanel – a control panel for your Linux hosting acount. We consider this to be the best control panel available today. If your plan includes Fantastico, then installing common software like WordPress (for blogging) only takes a few clicks.

Database – an application that stores incredible amounts of information, but also allows extremely easy access to it.

Dedicated Server – a server where you’re the only person on it. This is the best option for busy sites or where you have hundreds of sites and you need top performance.

DNS – domain name server. This is what allows you to type in something like instead of a bunch of numbers.

Domain Name – a domain name is something that’s easy for you to remember and is translated by DNS into an IP address. Some of the more popular domain extensions are: .com, .net, .org, and many others. Click HERE for the best deal on domain names!

FTP – file transfer protocol. You use applications that utilize this protocol to transfer files between computers and/or servers. We recommend FileZilla – it’s FREE and amazing…

HTML – hypertext markup laguage. This is the basic coding language that allows applications like Internet Explorer and Firefox to display pages.

MySQL – the best (and free) database software out there. Almost all Linux hosting accounts include the ability to create and use these type of databases.

NameServer – this is what you need to put into the fields at your registrar for any domain. This is what translates a domain name into an IP address so that your website is accessible. Example: and

Password – this is something that too many people take for granted. Things like cPanel, FTP, Email, and other things all require passwords – do NOT make it something easy to guess. We suggest at least 10 characters long mixed with uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers – example: cJ8yu4lKmm. For more complexity add in misc characters like this: c{8yu4lK>m.

Shared Hosting – you share a server with other people and this is the hosting that most people start out with due to the low cost. We list the best shared hosting companies.

SSH – secure shell. You use an application like Putty, which gives you access directly to your server if they allow these connections. Unlike remote desktop software, It’s text only.

SSL – Secure Sockets Layer. This is a protocol that was developed by Netscape many years ago so that commercial transactions could be protected by encryption. We’re sure you’ve seen HTTPS:// in the browser address bar (some SSL certificates make the address bar green). Click HERE for the most secure SSL certifcates at the lowest prices!

VPS – virtual private server. This is basically a dedicated server without having dedicated hardware. A hosting company can run many of these on one physical server without any degradation on each instance.

WinSCP – this is a program that uses Putty to provide a GUI file browsing interface. It’s an invaluable tool that we’ve used for years and provides way more functionality than a standard FTP connection. Click HERE to download WinSCP – it’s free!

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