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Choose A Domain

Choosing a domain name is arguably one of the most important decisions you’ll make, so take the time to properly research it.  I own thousands of domains and know this area very well.

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Here are a few key items before you register or buy a domain someone has for sale:

  • Extension – I highly recommend using a .COM and nothing else.  Why?  Everyone knows this extension, trusts it, and browsers even default to it.
  • Length – it should be as short as possible.  I suggest 20 characters or less (not including the extension).
  • Hyphens – don’t use them.
  • Numbers – don’t use them unless they’re part of your company or brand.  If you do use them, be sure that you own the number and spelling of it.  Example: &
  • Trademarks – be 100% certain that your domain does NOT infringe on a trademark.  For the U.S. just Google “USPTO” to search U.S. trademarks and for other countries Google is your friend.

Types Of Domains

Company – if this is for a new company that hasn’t been formed, then be sure the .COM of the company name is available to register or to purchase from someone else.  If you already created the, then hopefully you already own the domain or it’s available for registration or purchase.

Brandable – if you’re looking to create a personal, business, or just a revenue generating site, then brandable names work well for all.  An example of a brandable domain is – it combines 2 words that clearly describe what the site is about.  A different example would be – sure it’s known now, but back when the company was formed it was a made up word.

Keyword – if you’re looking to create a personal or revenue generating site, then a keyword rich domain is perfect.  It helps people recognize what your site is about and it helps search engines (like Google).  An example is – the 2 keywords are perfect for this type of site.

Personal – many people like to have a website for their own personal use, so what’s better than your name?  There’s always a chance the combination of your Firstname and Lastname is available like:

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